NEWTON is the best application ever offered by an ironing and embossing roller press:

  • Unmatched pressures ever achieved by a through-feed press;
  • Kiss plate ironing
  • Energy-saving and faster achieving of the programmed temperature, maintaining solid color throughout the processing surface
  • Double spreading system with flatness to a tenth of a millimeter
  • Non flexible tannery machines structure

newton-through-feed press

The diathermic unit has been fully re-designed based on a special diathermic heating system.
High output and energy saving concept

Display with user-friendly and intuitive operator interface.
Cut-to-measure programmes. Alarm diagnostic page.

ironing press - through-feed press

Each roller has an independent oil distribution.

newton, tannery machines,embossing roller, through-feed press

Automatic stop system of peel off device.

newton-through-feed press embossing roller

Twin hydraulic unit, dual reading through separated high/low pressure electronic systems.

newton-through-feed press-ironing press -embossing press

Roller positioning and fixing of the roller in the processing area

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