New concept of ironing:

Variable geometry machine.
ROTOMEC holds the patent of this system that allow to move the heated
cylinder in relation to the pressure cylinder, within precision of one tenth
of millimeter, modifying the contact geometry and the final result on the
The machines offers also the advantage to work in open thicknesses with heated cylinder independently motorized, without felt. Opportunity to roll up the felt on heated cylinder. Working pressure extremely precise
read by load cells, without recourse of oil-dynamic control units.

CHANEL leather rotative press

First press in history for pressing and polishing leather skins
without use of hydraulic oil, eliminating inconveniences such as
emissions, low precision, slowness and noise.

multivar-embossing press,ironing press

Principal structure totally wrought as shaping machine, making
Multivar a solid product, geometrically precise and reliable in

multivar-embossing press

Tele Assistance:
technical support through remote available for assistance or personalization thanks to a modem installed on the machine.

cilinder-through-feed press

Unique machine on the market being able to assemble a cylinder Ø
210mm without flexibility problems.

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